rock & metal bands from Saudi Arabia:

  • The AccoLade
  • Al-Namrood
  • Breeze of the Dying
  • Creative Waste
  • Crescent Light
  • Cribcaged
  • Deathless Anguish
  • Disturb the Balance
  • Final Serenade
  • Flesh Laceration
  • Forgotten
  • Grieving Age
  • Hed2Ground
  • Immortal Pain
  • Inversion
  • Mephisophilus
  • Myth
  • Octum
  • Outlive
  • PhiViper
  • Premonition
  • Rivers Running Red
  • Sandstoned (disbanded)
  • Sound of Ruby
  • The Empty Quarter
  • Wry Wreathe
  • Wasted Land

  • let us not waste away creatively but dance to that final serenade to oulive the myth of rivers running red. i am not sandstoned (disbanded)but rather i am forgotten in the empty quarter of Al-Namrood. This immortal pain of our grieving age will disturb the balance of our deathless anguish. the inversion of that crescent light will be the sound of ruby as the breeze of the dying forms into a wry wreath.

    here's a picture:


    Besame Mucho

    Lula Lu & The Sharks

    the south bronx and the thousands of fires that consumed it. i'm not sure that what i'm feeling has anything to do with the fires of the bronx, but i feel like it can like anything else can.. colonization, wars, coup d’├ętats, football, boxing, the gladiators, guns and artillery, the great divide, the great depression, the great mall, the gulf war, slavery, genocide, anti-depressants, fast foods and slurpees, gummy bears and pizza, not brushing my teeth long enough, the american dream, i don't know how to articulate all of this, there are books out there that do a good job of that, i suppose i just want to say... that i'm going to work on it and so should you.


    control your emotions